5 Great Food and Beer Combinations

Everyone loves to eat out, but what better way is there to enjoy a good meal than with a refreshing pint or two?

Here are some food and beer combos which we think look particularly good.

dsc_1016Beer and a Burger 

Is there a more classic combination? It is well-known that a good burger is usually the food of choice for most beer drinkers, and for good reason. It is a tried and tested combination which has seen the burger become the staple food for many pubs. This recent offering from Brewdog’s recent pop-up kitchen is a good example, the hearty burger mixing well with their Punk IPA.


pasta-and-beerPesto Pasta and an American IPA

Not much to say about this one, simple but good. Just one of the many examples of when American and Italian culture have met with great success. This classic Italian bowl of spaghetti goes brilliantly with a pint of Zigurat’s American IPA.



Duck Wraps and Knee Deep Brewing Co’s Hoparillo.

It’s not only hearty meals which can be improved by a refreshing pint, as shown here. This Oriental classic of Peking duck wraps is enhanced when accompanied by this offering from Knee Deep Brewing Co. Their Triple IPA provides zesty orange flavours which partner perfectly with the duck.



Tres Leches cake and Mocha Stout

Who says beer only works with main meals? With a boozy take on the classic combination of coffee and cake, this example proves that even a good pud can benefit from a pint. This helping of cake and ice cream is paired up with a glass of Stone Brewing Co’s delicious Xocoveza Mocha Stout.


breakfast-beerWaffles and Breakfast Stout

What better way to start a day than with a plate of waffles and a glass of beer? The US comfort food classic of chicken and waffles is livened up by a side of beer and a maple syrup infused with Founders Brewing’s Breakfast Stout. We hope that some of London’s breakfast diner’s will start to take inspiration from this triumph.


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