7 perfect pairings of good books and great booze


Sit back and relax with a fine piece of literature and a drink to match

It's 5 somewhere, right? #springbreak #beerandabook #xpan #hasselbladfeatures

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Yuengling traditional lager & John Steinbeck’s Travels With Charley: What better match for a classic American travelogue than the US’s oldest brewery? It’s a combination sure to transport your mind and tastebuds across the Atlantic all the way to Pottsville, PA.

Pago pago cocktail & Jessie Burton’s The Muse: This smooth mix of gold Nicaraguan rum, green chartreuse, pineapple, lime, and crème de cacao goes with the colourful and varied plot of Burton’s second novel.

"They leave gifts on the doorstep of rosehip syrup and walnuts in their shells;they leave cards and handkerchiefs so small,so fine, they're no use at all"" -p. 414 of the essex serpent When I read that I thought "I have rosehip syrup. And no walnuts but walnut bitters might do; there is a cocktail in there somewhere". Despite a lot of gin being drunk in the book I based this on Islay whiskey; a boat is of importance to the story and this one taste lovely of tar. (Also; no gin in the house used it up the other day making more sloe gin). And lemonjuice for even more vitamin-C. Basically an "Essex serpent sour" but nice with smokey,fruity and nutty at the same time, with the lemon keeping it fresh. Due to the weather I'm gonna try to stay indoors as much as possible and finish all the books I'm reading? What are your plans? And what are you reading right now? Have a great weekend! #theessexserpent #sarahperry #bookstagram #igreads#fridayflowers#booksandbooze#laphroaig

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Essex Serpent Sour cocktail & Sarah Perry’s The Essex Serpent: The Artful Reader blog features all kinds of bookish goodness, including several drinks pairings. This delightful invention combines rosehip syrup, walnut bitters, and Laphroaig single malt whiskey. A suitable balance between old-fashioned and eccentric for this gothic novel.

Baileys Irish Cream & the entire Baileys Prize 2016 shortlist: As sponsors of the literary prize, Baileys is of course closely associated with the best in women’s writing. But more than that, the sweet moreish liqueur is a natural accompaniment to an evening spent snuggled up at home working one’s way through a good book.

Blood brothers beer & Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: Aside from their supernatural logo and ominous name, Blood Brothers provide a suitable partner to Shelley’s classic because, in their mission to innovate and remain individual, the brewery is in the spirit of this pioneering novel which invented science fiction as we know it.

Celebratory post-marathon grading session G&T + Zadie Smith. ✨

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Gin and Tonic & Zadie Smith’s Changing My Mind: If you’re looking for a break from fiction, look no further than Smith’s pithy and refreshing collection of essays. Sharp and fresh, they will have you reaching for a cool, classic G&T.

Red wine and Donna Tartt’s The Secret History: A story featuring hedonistic dinner parties and wild bacchannals can only really be served alongside a dark, rich red wine. For local flavour, we recommend this ‘Big Barn Red’ from Boyden Valley winery in Vermont, the state in which the tale is set. You could also have a go at making this wine-braised lamb dish which is inspired by the novel, courtesy of the Yummy Books blog.


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