London Craft Beer blogs: 6 of the best

Because good people drink (and read about) good beer


We LOVE beer here at Drink To That. London is awash with fantastic pubs, breweries and taprooms these days, showcasing some of the finest brews in all the land. With so much selection, its easy to get lost and not know what to drink, or where to drink it. Luckily, as the beer landscape has exploded, so has the number of journalists, bloggers and writers covering it. Beer blogging is now a huge trend on social media, and we’ve picked out six (because five just isn’t enough, right?) of our favourite blogs on the subject to help you get the most out of the capital’s burgeoning brewing scene.

1) Brewing East


Run by Canadian Rebecca Pate, Brewing East is a fantastic blog focussing on the rapidly growing beer scene in East London, featuring pieces on breweries such as Five Points in Hackney. Rebecca’s blogs are excellent to read (she also writes for the London Brewers Market) and her website is beautifully designed. Brewing East is well worth a few minutes of your time.

2) Brew Geekery


Although more geared towards discussion of the industry and trends in the craft beer movement than specific London breweries or pubs, Peter McKerry‘s Brew Geekery is a thought-provoking and ever relevant read. We particularly liked his recent post about Tesco’s decision to expand their range of craft beer, and what this means for the industry. Top marks for a superb logo, too.

3) Total Ales 


Technically, Total Ales isn’t a London beer blog, as it features posts written about beers and breweries from far further afield, but we couldn’t compile a list of the best beer blogs and leave this one out. Since its inception in 2012, Total Ales has gained an almost legendary following amongst the craft beer community, not least because of founder and freelance beer writer Matt Curtis‘ exquisite photography and eloquent prose. His profiles of London-based Mondo and Beatnik Republic breweries are not to be missed.

4) Beer Insider


Set up by Business writer Glynn Davis, the founder of Retail Insider, Beer Insider is a great example of a regularly updated and interesting beer blog. Glynn’s has recently run features on Wimbledon and Hammerton breweries in London, and we also loved his article about the dilemmas facing breweries when they reach full capacity. A real insider perspective.

5) A FemAle view


Freelance beer journalist and sommelier Sophie Atherton‘s blog, A FemAle view, has been running for around five years and is an excellent source of beer news, reviews and guest posts from a number of different writers. Sophie was the first woman in the UK to be accredited as a Beer Sommelier, and holds a British Guild of Beer Writers Silver Award for her writing in national publications. If there is something she doesn’t know about beer, the likelihood is that nobody else will either!

6) Chris Hall Beer 


Chris doesn’t blog quite as much as he used to. We think thats a massive shame, as he’s one of the best beer writers out there. His blog, Chris Hall Beer contains some of his musings on an industry he also works in as a full time Sales & Media Coordinator for Bermondsey based Brew By Numbers. Chris has also co-authored two books on beer, making him something of an expert on the subject. He also works as a freelance writer and beer judge in his spare time.


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