Celebrities’ favourite drinks

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Emma Thompson

“I can live without jewels and lovely clothes, I can even live without tea, but if I were to never have a glass of wine again it would be like losing part of my soul.” Mrs. Thompson has not changed since 2007 and still ranks wine as her favourite tipple. She even introduced Telegraph journalist Jonathan Ray to her wine cellar back in 2009.


Nigel Farage

Unsurprisingly, this politician’s favourite drink of all time is a British ale. He attends his local pub every Saturday and regularly has one  with reporters. As recently as this morning on Good Morning Britain when answering a question about his bet on the Trump win he replied “I got enough bob to buy myself a couple of pints for the next year”.


Apparently gin is a depressant and can have even the nicest of people turn. Yet, it does have some magical goodness in it, it is full of antioxidants which help keep the skin youthful and fresh. The world’s bestselling author prefers a classic gin and tonic to a dazzling cocktail and we can’t blame her.


Kate Moss

When in Paris this international supermodel sips on a French 76 from the Hemingway Bar at The Ritz.  It has been reported that she enjoys it so much that Ms. Moss even had the hotel’s head bartender, Colin Field, make it at her wedding to Jamie Hince in 2011.



George Clooney

Unfortunately, not coffee based Mr. Clooney’s favourite drink is a raspberry cheesecake which has a vodka base. We were so impressed with this name that we included the recipe below.

2 oz vodka

2 oz raspberry flavored liquor

2 oz heavy cream

1 oz sour mix

Add all ingredients, shake over ice and  add mint sprig for garnish


Check back tomorrow to find out who will be our next lucky celebrity.




Words by: Scarlett Clark


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