The 5 Top London boozy bloggers you should be following


Protz on Beer
Roger Protz is an award winning beer drinker (and writer). Mr. Protz has written over 20 books on the subject including 300 Beers to Try Before You Die. He travels the world to find a good beer and documents it all on his site. This blog is intelligently written by an expert in the field, definitely a must for our list.

Twitter: @RogerProtzBeer

Oh So London
Lucy McGuire has been documenting her travels and drinking habits since 2013. Lucy is a London based journalist and uses her blog to inspire others across the UK and beyond through story-telling. There is an international edge, read about her trip to the House of Peroni in Brick Lane or stick to home territory and learn how to make a cocktail or two at the Hoxton Hotel.

Twitter: @OhSo_London

Brew Geekery
Peter McKerry is a self-confessed professional beer drinker based in London who loves to share his views with a matter-of-fact manner. He is an honest blogger whose aim is objectivity. He will challenge your beer knowledge with ‘fresh and clean- where does the buck stop when it comes to fresh beer?’ as well as teach you about calling out a bad beer. Why not read all about the best craft beer bloggers here


London is for living
Carla Bradman writes three posts per month and loves to tickle taste buds. Our favourite was her recipe on making a strawberry and mint champagne cocktail, quickly followed by her step by step guide to drinking whiskey as a newbie. This is a humorous blog that focuses on London living not just drinking. Her quick wit and sass will have you bookmarking her page and keeping it as a guide to life.

Twitter: @carlabradman

Beeson on Beer
How could we discuss drinking blogs and not mention our team member James Beeson? The Angel based blogger frequently reviews beer events and the breweries themselves. Even though he has taken a temporary hiatus from his website, you can read all of his achieved collection. The self-proclaimed looker loves his beer.

Twitter: @jdbeeson16


Words by Scarlett Clark


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