This cocktail contains a dash of Donald Trump

A refreshingly satirical cocktail to get you through election night


As this fraught presidential election season comes to an end, we could all do with a strong drink. But a traditional glass of bourbon just isn’t appropriate for what has been an anything-but-traditional race.

So what can you have instead? We’ve found the perfect solution in a Shoreditch establishment who have come up trumps with this topical cocktail.

New Orleans style bar NOLA has long had a reputation for delicious, sophisticated cocktails made with an eye for detail, but they have truly outdone themselves with the Mexican Wallbanger.

This tongue-in-cheek re-imagining of the Freddy Fudpucker (a Harvey Wallbanger which uses tequila in place of vodka) is a fresh and fragrant treat for your tastebuds. The base of Tapatio Blanco Tequila is combined with clarified orange juice, Galliano liqueur and a dash of Gaz Regan’s Orange Bitters.

The finishing touch is a pinch of gold dust and a perfume-spritz of Trump Brand Vodka. Discontinued since the mid-noughties, the vodka had to be sourced in Spain just for the creation of this marvellous drink. Now that is commitment to the craft.

The exclusive cocktail can be purchased at NOLA,  1ST FLOOR, 68 RIVINGTON STREET, EC2A 3AY

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