How to: Make a majestic mojito


If you don’t know your tablespoon from teaspoon, liquor from cocktail or sugar from salt, then we here at Drink To That are here to help you make that magnificent mojito.


4 sprigs of fresh mint

50ml of fresh lime juice

½ teaspoon granulated sugar

Crushed ice

50ml white rum (Bacardi is our favourite but for a fuller rum choose Brugal).

100ml club soda

2 wedges lime (to add as garnish)

Mint leaves (again, to add as garnish)

Put two mint leaves in a cocktail shake, add ice, the rum and lime juice. Add the granulated sugar and bruise the leaves to release their essence. Strain the mixture into a tall glass, add the club soda and use the lime wedge as a garnish.

Why think of the cold wintery months coming up when you can be distracted by the yumminess of this refreshing cocktail? We certainly will be.

Words by: Scarlett Clark


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