Drink of the Week: Jensen’s Old Tom Gin


Distilled in the heart of Bermondsey, historically the point where botanicals arrived in the capital from Holland, Jensen’s Old Tom is a naturally sweet and earthy gin, heavy in its use of classic botanicals. A reproduction of an 1840s recipe, it uses a clean spirit base but relies on root and spice botanicals to impart a musky and spicy aroma. The taste is classic London dry, with a slight sweetness on the nose.

Historically, Old Tom was a style of gin first imported to America for use in cocktails, and hence Jensen’s incarnation works perfectly in a classic drink such as a Tom Collins or to balance out cocktails with stronger flavours such as a Negroni, adding a robust, earthy character. For a classic G&T, the Bermondsey distillers recommend serving their Old Tom with Fevertree tonic and garnished with a sprig of rosemary, but for a slightly sweeter twist, why not try it with a slice of strawberry (de-hydrated if possible) and a sprinkle of black pepper?

Jensen’s Old Tom can be sampled at the distillery bar in Maltby Street market on Saturdays between 10-4 and Sundays 11-4. Alternatively you can purchase it online from £26.95 a bottle.


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