Review: Five Points Brew Autumn Jolly

Five Points are a craft brewery at the top of their game, fitting perfectly into their Hackney surroundings

14803296_10154488261345169_82011706_oFor a moment last weekend, we actually thought we were cool. The Five Points Brewing Company in Hackney opened up for their ‘Autumn Jolly’, allowing craft fans into their warehouse space and yard for an afternoon of fun. The crowd was the most stereotypical of Hackney crowds: beards, checked shirts and snapbacks. It felt like a hipster convention, which is why we felt on trend.

Five Points oozes cool, from its stunning location under the railway arches, to its great looking beer cans. It is events like this where you realise how far beer has come, from fusty old country pubs to thriving and diverse city breweries. People of all ages were there; young families enjoying the activities for children, students trying out the myriad of different beers, old friends meeting up and older couples exploring a new bit of Hackney.

The keg bar underneath the railway arches.

One of the reasons for the Autumn Jolly was the launch of a new Five Points beer on cask, Brick Field Brown. As the name suggests, this is a brown ale, the last of the traditional English beers to get a makeover. It seems like it anyway. It is a really well balanced beer of a dark amber colour, with lots of caramel, coffee and roasted malt aromas. Something new for the London beer scene, something slightly sweeter.

Five Points are a great brewery, willing to put on events like this to bring in the community and get people interested in their beer. The best is the classic Five Points Pale, a delicious pale ale that fits any situation or goes with anything. They’ve also rebranded their Field Day Ten Points Extra Pale as Five Points XPA, which perfectly complements their existing range.

A DJ was present to try and get people dancing, despite the heavy rain which threatened to dampen proceedings. Sheltering under the railway arches with the occasional Overground train rumbling overhead it wasn’t hard to really enjoy the beer and the ambience of Five Points Warehouse.

Hipsters looking hipster-ish.

Food was available, and ran out it was so popular – a ragu and pasta, alongside bolognese balls from Italian-American street food company Capish. We had to leave before the live music from Sarah Johns began, but if it was as good as the rest of the day, we’re sure it was excellent.

A fantastic day of food, music and most importantly beer from Five Points.

The Five Points Brewing Company is at 3 Institute Place, Hackney, London E8 1JE and their beers are available all over London.

Words by Adam Becket @adambecket


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